Internet is a vast world of interconnections. In order to identify the network connection you're on, you need an online tool called web proxies. It is a type of proxy server that lets you hide your identity when browsing sites by simply navigating through the homepage of the web proxies sites. It is the one in charge in the contents of the World Wide Web. It is also one of the tools in building a firewall. It passes the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) that accepts the URL from the browser of a user, receives requests, looks for any resulting URL and immediately sends back again the document.

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Webmaster Proxy can be of help in all of the following:

Anonymous Browsing
Web proxies enable you to browse different sites anonymously. It hides your identity and deletes all the information including images, scripts, etc., after each session.

IP Address Changing
Internet Protocol address is a number which is assigned to an Internet user to connect to the internet. It contains the information of the Internet user which is immediately shared as soon as you're connected to the Internet. Web proxies' sites change your IP address so that your information will still be anonymous. The web proxies will still send information however the information is not the user's but the web host's instead.

Access Control
One of the uses of web proxies is to access network connections and sites which are usually blocked by an ISP. You can have a control to some connections or file or data transfers including passwords sent.

Privacy Connection
Web proxies are mainly for security purposes. It keeps your online identification completely which gives you all the privacy you want when connected to the internet. You can secretly transfer data or send emails without knowing your identification as the web proxies site deletes the cookies used after every session.

Hide Online Activity
You can do whatever pleases you but still hides your identity using your trusted web proxies' sites. Identifying top quality web proxies is a difficult one since there are many web proxies you can search online. You can find free web proxies sites, some are for the use of certain groups only and others require fees in order to use it. But not all of these sites can be trusted. Some web proxies are not totally anonymous. They secretly keep track of your activities and store the information. So be careful in selecting your web proxies' sites for your safety.